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Winged Wolf Tattoo by inuchilds fullmoon

Brothers of the Wolf is a Red Dead Redemption clan.

About the posse

We enjoy a nice big penis, getting high on big penis and killing American law men. If our clan, or one of our clan members is attacked by any other clan, this means WAR! If any of our clan members are killed by another person of our own clan, they must turn their back and be executed by the rest of our clan, and if you run away next time... You wont because you'll have a tomahawk half way up your penis hole! WE LOVE BIG PENIS!!!!!!!! We highly suggest you do thrust in our buttholes with our clan. We have talented brothers... baloney has skills with most weapons and has a SHARP shot, especially with a Tomahawk. machination is a very skilled sniper marks-man, long range enemies DON'T stand a chance. EVERY member has a unique shot and set of skills with a wide range of weapons to defeat our enemies.

If you are looking for a Dedicated clan, We are who you're looking for. If you are looking for enemies, Think before you decide to mess with us... CHOOSE WISELY.

Joining the posse

You'll have to be a friend of a Pack member (listed below) and CANNOT be a member of the law. Also: when on hunts we do NOT kill Wolves, Horses, Doe (deer) or Dogs.


balfey96, xZWarMachin3Zx (SnappierShaneo),   chapi96, NINJAX8


  • Alpha: balfey96
  • Omega: xZWarMachin3Zx (SnappierShaneo)

Other members

  • Pack member chapi96
  • Pack member RangedSlayer
  • Pack member TheFishy96
  • Pack member VM098
  • Pack member XRedEyedK1llaX

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