Rdr outlaws well done

Brothers till the End is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

We are a Xbox 360 group that likes to have fun in free roam and we help each other no matter what is happening in the game. We also like to do Pike's Basin alot in order to rank up. The leader is almost always on and if you have any questions and ask him. If you want any golden guns just ask the first leader.

Joining the posse

Our requirments is that you have to be 14 or older and can't have a really high voice. You also must have a mic.

Another requirment is that you can't spam us messages if we are busy or I'll remove you from our posse and block you.

You can reach me at my GT on live. GT= xiiTz IKiLlErI

or at facebook at David Dzialek

if you have played or currently are playing the world of tanks beta talk with XSHADOWREAPER66 because he plays it and he wants someone to play WoT with him.

World of tanks is a mmo which you play in a tank of your choice so far there is only the U.S.S.R and Germany but they will be adding US to the tank list but that might be in the full game. The full game will realese when Wargaming feels in good to go but. The beta is the s*** but with the lastest update it will wipe every thing you own out but give the gold and xp you gaind over time back to you. So I hope you come join me on the battlefield. just rember one thing that I go by in WoT I use the Germany military tactic called Blitzkrieg got to hit them hard and fast!



  • Bloodstomper591
  • iTz Tater


  • xiiTz IKiLlErI

Other members

  • open slot
  • open slot
  • open slot

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