Brown Boot Brigade is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

The Brown Boot Brigade, once known on a particularly obscene Easter as the Bedlam Boys, are a band of would-be revolutionaries from Oregon, or properly, The People's Republic of Cascadia.

The BBG's beginnigs were occasioned by grand plans. It was rumored that they were to be the messiahs of a great revolution, which would arm every man and woman in the Northwest against their un-fellow Americans. Several empty speech-halls and great deal more liquor and opium later, the aspirant guerillas found themselves with a gross excess of arms, an arrest warrant and for some reason, a bad case of diarrhea.

They resolved to flee southward, but in a last act of recrimination against the Northwest peoples' complacency, they set fire to the city of Vancouver, Washington. It is said that this act alone cut the spread of venereal disease, crime and itinerant clowns in Portland by half, and very nearly resulted in their pardon.

It was then that they came across the emergent town of Eugene, where they acquired several thousand dollars of cocaine, in its earliest iteration, and set off again towards the Mexican border.


For these reasons, records become incomplete at this juncture, but there exist local archival records to suggest a series of cow tippings and barfights that are consistent with the Brigade’s MO. To the tune of Solidarity Forever, it is said that three men publicly defecated on a statue of Eleanor Roosevelt, and somewhere on the order of 27 chickens were bound with crude timed explosives, oiled, and set loose on the town of Pendleton, Oregon.

Marco “Royal” is said to speak several languages, and is quick of hand in duels. Rumors abound as to his past. Some say he is an absconded spy or assassin, some say he was a priest. It is known, however, that Theodore Roosevelt’s pet badger, Josiah, was a gift or threat-- it is unclear which-- from the enigmatic Marco.

The stoic McTaverish speaks little, save for scant utterances of folk wisdom through the thicket of his beard. Wielding whatever object is at hand, he is the one-hit wonder, and hand-to-hand combat generally lasts no longer than his finite patience. He is a master outdoorsman.

Dohmnallaidh is unhinged. He is the jack-of-all trades and will not think twice about trying to cut you in half with a broom, using what he calls, “The secrets of the samurai,” which he learned in a book he bought for eight cents. He is the inveterate revolutionary, and a master of guerilla warfare.

Joining the posse

It is only through singular persistence that one might catch the Brown Boot Brigade in a state to remember anyone. Leave bruises instead.


Marco & Associates


Should any kind of order emerge amongst the lads, it will probably not last.

Other members

Marco AKA Royal, or Alè

Kentigern McTaverish AKA The Woodsman

Dohmnallaidh AKA Trainwreck, or The Goy

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