Buck Hunters is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

"But not only"

About the posse

We are a smal posse based in Riley's Charge.There are four people in are posse and are now looking for a fith member.

Joining the posse


We Hunt Elk To.

If you are intrested in joining the posse contact me, My email is or leave a message on my talk page: Coppyright talk page. We will get back to you ASAP. Also if you just want to go on a hunt with the posse or have a friendly match just contact me the same way.



  • Coppyright 2011 (HD)
  • MeritedCrab935

Other members

  • FiReD4ncer
  • chicky heinz
  • oxgodly
  • DeTaiL pW
  • uenvythis
  • Realiteydragon
  • SuperKJ619
  • Smally1997
  • ...Open for recriutment...





External links

  • [1]Sasquatch Feeding Association.
  • [2]Make Our logo.

The Buck Hunters Handbook

In this hand-book you we find all the rules you have to obey to be in our posse.

The Rules

  1. Do not purposely kill any member of the posse unless they attempt to kill you.
  2. Do not offend any posse member, if you are offended do not retaliate just tell one the posse leaders.
  3. Do not kill any of the posse member’s horse’.
  4. Work hard at gang hideouts do not just stand still doing nothing.
  5. Try not to steal kills.
  6. Do not lie to anyone in the posse.
  7. Respect other people in the game lobby, because we do not want to get a bad name.
  8. Try and promote the posse by putting the logo in your signature.
  9. Do not every animal you see, let others have a chance hunt.
  10. Give the Buck Hunters a good name.

The End

Have a nice day.

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