Buckaroo is a Red Dead Redemption PS3 posse.

About the posse

The posse was created on the 27th of January in 2013. It is a new PS3 exclusive clan that thrives through the wild west. Clan members generally play free roam, as well as Grab The Bag and Gang Shootouts.

Joining the posse

To join the clan, you must meet these requirements:

    -You must be mature (15+ years of age) 
    -You must play Red Dead Redemption often.
    -You must have decent skills. 
    -A microphone is not compulsory, but you have a higher chance of joining the clan if you do.

If you think you meet all theses requirements, send a message to jarrjam telling him that you meet all the requirements and whether you have a microphone or not. If your application is accepted, you will need to make a dedicated account to the clan.

You can also contact jarrjam via:

    -Steam (jarrjam/Cyan ♥PanDa. Jarrjam is on steam most of the time)
    -Skype (jarrjam/Jamil Daher.)
    -Hotmail (

Clan Rules

-You must respect all posse members
-Do not be immature or rude to others, even if they are not in our clan. We want the clan to have a good name, not to be known for being immature.
-Do not constantly kill team mates. Fist fights/bar fights between team mates are allowed.
-You must not be in any other clans on your account (it is ok if you are in another clan on a different account).
-Do not troll/annoy other posse members.
-Have fun

If any of these rules are broken, jarrjam or any leader has the right to remove you from the posse



  • jarrjam


  • Clan leaders will be elected when we recruit more members


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