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Burning Eagle is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

Shadow wolf

My character in multiplayer: Shadow Wolf

Burning Eagle was founded after new settlers destroyed our food and lands and ripped us out and forced us into reservations. Now we hunt down anybody who was involved in it, or anybody who gets in our way. Our HQ is Cochinay for its strategical advantage, but we claim all West Elizabeth. We travel freqeuntly to kill Lawmen and Outlwas for training and revenge. Blackwater is our main target though. We rarely go into Mexico since we do not have anything to claim there, but we sometimes do for training. We are not in war another gang right now.

Joining the posse


Information on Wolf, the proud animal. Fearless but with heart.

There is not really any requirements execpt for these small ones: fast thinking skills, good sense of surronding area, leadership skills, independent thinking, and good shooting skills. The level does not matter as long as you follow these requirements. If you do not follow these requirements or betray another posse member, you will be kicked permanently. Please list resume like so:

Level: Weapon: Position: (optional) Fighting style: PSN:

Please go to for full summary. Please Private Message me if you want to join me. My username is zombitch killa.



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  • MuertosRojos

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