Burrito Blasters Of The West is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

The Burrito Blasters Of The West is a fairly new posse by me carlos 'quickdraw' burritos, my aim is to create the biggest Mexican based posse. At the moment the posse is fairly small with only three members. But hopefuly in the weeks to come the Burrito Blasters Of The West will become a thriving posse of desperados in search of action, adventure and skinning chickens. The Burrito Blasters Of The West is a highly serious group(This is not a joke). At the moment the Burrito Blasters Of The West has claimed over 350 criminal scum, and the count is rising, fast.

Joining the posse

To Join possibly the best mexican posse known to man please contact me on PSN(playstation network) At: Gorra84 I may be getting Red Dead Redemption on my 360 in a few weeks or so. i will update when i get it.


Gorra84 Jackh1997 Degs


  • Gorra84
  • Jackh1997

Other members

  • open space
  • open space
  • open space

Motto: "You know what they say, when you kill a chicken you gotta make it into a burrito"- Carlos 'quickdraw' burritos

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