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CSBS is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

CSBS is a clan in RDR, GTA, COD, and many other games. It's none of your business what it stands for.


On September 8, 2010, yoyo and SanAndreas alone did a raid on an eight man posse. They killed all of them at least twice and rode away. The two hid in the Armadillo Saloon and fended off three of the queers looking for revenge. The eight man posse left the game because they were pussies and couldn't even kill a tiny CSBS raiding party.

Joining the posse

There's no real system of joining. We don't take that shit too seriously.


SanAndreasOGF98, yoyoma95, Skeeterruckus, andwee, americantopgun, gooberella, No_one_LIVES_, cheech98, fill657, photle, and thundernova.


SanAndreasOGF98 (Eric) and yoyoma95 (Dallas)

Other members

A kid Ian from one of SanAndreas's videos. Doesn't have a PSN username.

External links

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