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Californian Militia is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

The Californian Militia is dedicated to protecting america and the frontier like in the old west excpecially in the civil war when confederate troops attacked Arizona and New Mexico, Anyways this is a proffesional clan and i will only deal with other clans respectful to us and i will only deal with players the same way, by the way i dont expect this to be a huge clan since when California became a country its militairy wasnt large but it kicked @ss destroying hundreds of of mexican armies with only 20 Californians


-horse races




-fighting enemies

-attacking mexican clans who attack California's beloved neighbors

Current base of operations: Rathskeller Fork

MOTTO: We're the true West Coast Reprasents!!!!!!!!

Joining the posse

i only let people who will listen to orders and are loyal


- YOU MUST BE CALIFORNIAN, it doesnt matter if your are born in California it only matters if you'll fight for the west coast

just send me a message to Shugo560 even though i seriously doubt some1 looks at the posse list lol


We're are currently looking for PSN Ambassadores send me a email to ask at my email (

P.S.: only email me regulary not at office word or powerpoint just gmail,yahoo, etc...


  • Shugo560
  • GamerWidow(WarShaman)

Other members

  • StEaLtH ReMoRsE
  • xxafr0manxx49

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