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Canadian Invasion (XBL) is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

Only Canadian We are still recruiting with only 1 spot(s) to spare. Were an a amazing posse and you better watch your back or your dust.

Joining The Posse

To join our posse you have to be Canadian, Also if you want to join Message Doug The Snail or iNtErVeNtIoNx96.


  • Leader 1 Doug The Snail ( Cam )
  • Leader 2 iNtErVeNtIoNx96 ( Jon )
  • Captain Insane Isfjord ( Zac )

Other Members

  • Member 1 Stealth 0 Toxic
  • Member 2 xSsx zR3ap3rz
  • Member 3 xTuBByxRaInBoWx
  • Member 4 Stealth o Nukez


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