This is my introductory page for my new clan, casual killers clan. on PSN

The basic rules : you must not be angry, no cussing, people who play for fun are allowed. Clan Rulers: the clan is going to be ruled by 2-4 chief advisors that will make team decisions (I will choose advisors that are willing to help). Don't be a jerk: you cannot put others down or tell people to quit because of skill level or experience also, If you call out other players and lose don't act like a noob. And Lastly: If you shoot us ill shoot back.

A microphone is not required (i don't use one btw) .If members have problems consult advisors. i won't spam on other pages (hopefully no members will either) but would appreciate it if you would advertise this clan. I like to challenge other people for fun sometimes. If other players get in our way of us kill him as a group. Sometimes i might hunt players that are on the map for challenge. I might attack civilians and cops or some gangs/clans. This is a psn clan only

I like to go and raid hideouts, hunt at bearclaw camp, occasionly box playingly or have shootouts with members but i will warn players first and enjoy gang shootouts and free for alls

Contact jzs_bullfrog for info on psn. I will upload members once i get 2-3 people. I may want to know some info about you, like how often you play,or hunt on the game or play gang shootouts and free for alls etc. (not personal or like age or anything)

Events: I eventually want to start fun events like scheduled hunts and boxing or hopefully even standoffs or even manhunt each other for fun

Join the casual killers today!

P.S. I'm also a minor in another clan so that may conflict with schedule but probably not too badly.

(I just joined this wiki, but i have used it b4 so if you could give me tips that would be great. THNX)

Advisor1: jzs_bullfrog


Advisor3: Redwar7

Advisor4: TreGamer64

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