Ceruleans is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

We are the bounty hunters from Cerulean City, we hunt down wanted criminals and shoot Mexicans. We all salute to Misty the great leader. If you feel you have the guts to be a Cerulean, read the info below. Also, we play other games too, so not all dudes on the list have Red dead Redemption. If you make fun of Misty, pokemon, or the clan, YOU SHALL DIE IN PAIN!!!

Our hideout is Ridgewood Farm and we stay in America most of the time

Joining the posse

To join us, you must prove that you are mature and loyal, no screaming 12 year olds. You must be decent at this game and dont just go killing people just for the fun of it. You also have to like tacos or you cant join. If you dont like tacos, you're better off dead. To join, message me, Duane965 on psn and we will do a few gang hideouts or something to prove you are good enough.

We also may do zombie overrun to test your skill or we may do Co-op.



  • Main leader and founder: Duane965
  • Co Leader aka taco leader: that-tyler-guy
  • General: Leader43

Loyal Soldiers

  • Lt. finderskeepers
  • Sgt. natividad5
  • Sgt. xGodz_JDOGSIDE
  • Cpl. Pzshockz
  • Cpl. Smack_Hammer
  • Pvt. cbrf2racer
  • Pvt. shvador
  • Pvt. Elemar
  • Pvt. B_R_A_L_M_E

External links

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