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Chasm Riders is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

Chasm Riders was created originally for GTA(originally named Chasm)with many members ranging of different skill levels then was moved to Red Dead Redemption on the 17/5/10.It has 2 safe houses based in the Red Dead Redemption world and a HQ.(which locations are kept secret from outside members). The Chasm Riders consits of very powerful bounty hunters and WILL complete any contract they are givin they will kill NPC'S or Actual players with ease. NO ONE CAN OUT RUN OR OUT SURVIVE THE CHASM RIDERS.


Joining the posse

The posse is not looking for more members at this current time because of high recruitment status but will update this page if this matter changes.



The main leader of the posse is the founder XxOblitArAterxX But the posse is ruled by two other members who manage the safe houses,A Manky Mango and Predator1196 which have the power over their region but have to consult things with the posse leader.

Other members

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