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Children of the Grave *PSN is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

all right, this posse is about having fun, pretty much anyone that isint a dick can join. If you Intentionally shoot a fellow posse member, your out. got it? I dont really do much with this game anymore since noone ever plays it. But im getting back into it because its one of the greatest games out there. Am i right or Am i right? If anyone needs help Boosting For GOLD GUNS or LEVEL XP or ACHEIVMENTS, THIS is the posse for you, I will help with whatever you want because im such a nice guy ;D. My Weapon of Choice is the LeMat Revolver, So if were clearing hideouts, i suggest me clear Fort Mercer before the others, Obviously Pikes basin is the easiest and gives you the most XP so that will probally be our hotspot for level boosting. I also will play gang shootouts with my fellow posse members and their friends. One thing i strongly suggest is the Buddy System . If Noone is online to help you, then i will be there for you. All right, thats about it. oh and By the way, MICS ARE NOT NEEDED. just common sense. thanks (=

If you want to join then Add my PSN: x716_mos-def




  • Leader 1 x716_mos-def
  • Leader 2 maybe you.? :D

Other members

  • WinterJulz
  • iGRiND-DaiLY_
  • Member 3

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