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Chocolate Giddy Up is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

We take over towns, destroy hideouts and make fun of Robinson

-- There is no "I" in team, its about we not me. We don't go by highest level or who talks the most game. we go by team. Being fair in challenges and helping each other and those who need we help and give to.

Chocolate Giddy Up is one of the most feared posses in the west, and we'll take anyone on, Be warned we will win

Ridin' cross the desert, Killin' all they see, Fear is their companion, Terror is their game.

Joining the posse

  • You must kill all of us
  • Gotta have a war horse
  • Gotta Look Good



  • Brian (Shake An Bake58)
  • Joe (BroChiMinh119)

Other members

  • Seby (Baby3ater 101)
  • Sean (Bro Mein989)
  • Deji (j2y2k3)

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