Chronic Masturbasers is a PSN Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

We are a posse that enjoys trying ridiculous things (Killing bears and cougars with knives/fists). we also don't take shit from other players that kill us, so watch your step. We also do power-leveling from time to time at Tesero Azul.

We also have a fight club which doesn't have a regular schedule, just sort of a SPUR of the moment (Good god, my eyes are bleeding from that pun)

Joining the posse

1.Have a PS3(Duh) 2.You must be over 15 (Except for Hero, he's an exception) 3.You must have a mic 4.You have to be awesome 5.You have to enjoy having fun, we're not always about doing work



  • Leader 1 HeroOfTheNow (Founder)
  • Leader 2 D3lta38-US

Other members

  • Member 1 Ilikepiepwns
  • Member 2 Kurt_Cobain64
  • Member 3 grohldave
  • Member 4 CanoGuy
  • Member 5 YOU!

External links

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