Cochinay Rebellers is a Red Dead Redemption Posse on XBOX LIVE.

About the Posse

Cochinay Rebellers are a new Posse as of 6/6/2010, and consists of casual gamers who like causing lots of trouble, doing whatever takes its fancy at the time. Potential members are to expect lots of taunting of other players, trying to get them to attack the Posse in its home base.

Joining the Posse

Cochinay Rebellers posse only exists on XBOX LIVE... To join, Send a Friend Request to MW94 with a message stating that you want to join The Cochinay Rebellers. The Posse would prefer friendly gamers who get along well with others. Alternatively, players can send a message to mikey5194 on this Wikia page.



  • MW94 (Mike)
  • 2nd I.C. XDJAC0BXD (Jacob)

Other Members

  • Member 1 - RaMpAgE06G6 (James)
  • Member 2 - KaRmA RaMbO (Marc)
  • Member 3 - xX2xSzXaXzMx3Xx (Sam)

Allies and Enemies

The Posse currently has no allies or enemies, but will update the status once they get some.

Where to Find Us In-Game

The Cochinay Rebellers will be very difficult to find if they are travelling, but will also have a Home Base at Cochinay.

Notes to Other Posse's

If any Posse Leaders wish to propose an Alliance, please send a Friend Request to MW94 On XBOX LIVE, stating that they want to form an Alliance. If any Posse Leaders want to become the Posse's Enemies, send a message To MW94 (XBL) Or mikey5194 (Wikia)

Notes to Lone Players

If any Lone Players decide to attack The Posse, any Allies of The Posse, or any Affiliates of The Posse, The Posse will take the action as a direct attack and will not stop hunting the Antagonist until they leaves the game, or until The Posse gets Bored.

External Links

Red Dead Wiki

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