Comunista is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

What can I say, we are strong supporters of Communism. And we are huge fans of Western films, Clint Eastwood is a badass mother@#*$&% haha. I am a proud Canadian and if you havent had the privalege to come to Canada we have some of the most beautiful landscape in the world ;). I hope everyone enjoys the game and has a blast!

Joining the posse

Leave your name and what console you play, and a star by your name and everyone is welcome to join. Also if you dont already have a Rockstar Social Club account, go and sign up for exclusive info and content on Red Dead Redemption,(they've made RDR its own page with lots of features i.e achivements, missions, etc.). My R* Social Club is: Tango2Gamer & PSN ID: KronicBudzz



  • KronicBudzz - PS3
  • HolyMadcap - PS3

Other members

  • Blizzunts420 - Xbox 360
  • GREEN_THUMB_420 - PS3
  • cPowen - PS3
  • CameronMcF - PS3

External links

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