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                                      We are the Confederate states of America

President: xXL0ST sObSXx Elected 3/30/13 Vise President: Pinaple

                                                                                           Congress -

Secretary of War: Open and undecided Capitol: Blackwater States Owned by the confederacy ARMADILO McFARLANDS RANCH The MAIN CONFEDERATE ARMY Ranks

     General - godfather33            

Lieutenant General - Palidanmast3r

Major General - pinaple,

Brigadier General -

Colonel Captain

Lieutenant Colonel Commander

Major Lieutenant

Captain Master

First Lieutenant Passed fort man


Second Lieutenant fort man

Enlisted Rank Structure Sergeant Major

Quartermaster Sergeant

Ordnance Sergeant

First Sergeant - ReBeLxFuZioNz

 Sergeant Corporal

Private first class - u mama love me

Private's -

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