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PLEASE TAKE THE TIME TO READ ABOUT THE POSSE PLEASE AND THANK YOU We are a Confederate Cavalry Regiment we battle U.s. Army clans we are very organized and we accept anyone

Joining the posse

Contact me on PS3 my username is CSA_Soul_Lee


Leaders: CSA_Soul_Lee

AND CSA_Soul_Sniper

Other members

CSA_Soul_sniper CSA_Soul_cal CSA_Soul_noel CSA_Soul_cooper&nbsp


CSA_Soul_Stenny CSA_Soul_Tempz CSA_Soul_Goat&nbsp CSA_Soul_Stuart CSA_Soul_Jackson CSA_Soul_Mike CSA_Soul_Kricket CSA_Soul_Turtle CSA_Soul_Killer CSA_Soul_Jenkins CSA_Soul_Gratas CSA_Soul_Chad CSA_Soul_Harris CSA_Soul_Br00kz

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we do not have a website

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