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Julian coronado

Our Gang Leader

Coranado's Gang is a group of mexican outlwas featured in Mexico. The gang is led by Julian Coranado.

We can most often be found at our hideouts listed below


Torquemada - Base

Tesoru Azul - Base

Campo Mirada - (Colarado's private house)

Plata Grande - Coranado's silver mine

Here is a brief list other other RDR Multiplayer posses/gangs & where they are based

Indian Brothers Clan - BearClaw Camp

Shiyani's Gang - Cochinay

Hassun's Gang - Marston's Ranch

Hernandez's Gang - Warthington Ranch - AKA Hernandez Ranch (MULTIPLAYER ONLY)

Malloy's Gang - BrittleBrush Trawl

Rdr julian coronado square

Our Leader

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