Cowboy Pirates (CP) is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

The Cowboy Pirates patrol the great oceans and the vast deserts. On the hunt always, eyes as keen as randy college students, hands as fast as randy college students. Whats that!? BAM. You're dead. Cowboy Pirates struck at you with the speed of a crack addicted cobra. Only there is no venom, just a looted corpse trailing smoke from a deadly bullet.

That's right, we're fast. Deadly fast. Faster than a speeding train that has rocket thrusters. Yeah, totally balls out extreme right? Wait, watch this! BAM. You're dead again. Turns out we're also grade-A sneaky sneaks. But hey, what did you expect, we're fucking half pirate, half cowboy.


Enemies: Dead Rabbits.

Joining the posse

Think you have what it takes to acquire the cunning guile of the Pirate and the flashy gun-play of a Cowboy; effectively being a Cowboy Pirate!? Well, send either one of us a message - but WARNING - if you are neither of these legendary traits, we will hogtie you and sacrifice you to the Eternal Phoenix! CAWWWW!




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