Creepy Kidz is a Red Dead Redemption posse.(Xbox 360)

About the posse

Creepy Kidz is a posse that was formed on Xbox Live. Often found roaming the entire areas of New Austin and Nuevo Paraiso this posse doesn't stick to a certain town. The posse favors repeaters and shotguns and the leaders are known for being insanely accurate with sniper rifles. Not a very hostile posse known only to attack others when provoked first or when they're bored. Mostly they just enjoy their long free roam sessions and have fun with the game. Creepy Kidz are known to play Undead Overrun often and are always willing to let people join in clearing gang hideouts. The posse will usually meet up near the wreck of the Serendipity before going out into the free roam world.

Joining the posse

It's not hard just play with them a bit and ask to join if you'd like to.



  • Buffalo12070

Other members

  • BuffalosGirl
  • xAnthonyZombiex
  • KatieKatxKiller

External links

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