Cro CowBoys is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

We are clan from Croatia.We are all big fans of RED DEAD REDEMPTION.We are playing on PlayStation 3.

Joining the posse

Joining is simple. Simply message me karlomig007 or MegaSharpkiller and we will get back to you. We have 6 rules.

1.Be respectful To All Players

2. Must Have Mic

3.Must be a good player at rdr multiplayer

4.Never shoot people that are friends of you, other clan members.


6.It does not matter whether you come from the Croatia

We are a clan that just wants to have fun playing this game. We are small as this clan was just created and we are looking for more people to come and have fun with us.



  • Karlomig007
  • MegaSharpkiller

Other members

External links

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