Cubits and the raiders of the Lost Ark is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

A great man once said Ask not what Red Dead can do for you but what you can do for Red Dead

Defenders of Truth, Justice and honour. If you see anyone getting bullied you MUST fight for their honour EG: 3:1 If anyone kills another posse member you will be removed from the posse.

PS3 only posse.

Joining the posse

Please contact Cubits or deathofcards via the PS3. You will have a better chance of joining if you have reached Prestige level. Also if you have at least one golden gun - but if not we can show how to get a golden gun within one hour. A headset is also a MUST.

The posse leaders are also happy to help with trophies and challenges.

Fans of Crystal Skull will be removed from the group.



  • Cubits
  • deathofcards

Other members

  • BiggieDutch
  • BBoyjoker
  • Whitelaw007
  • Bucketofsweat
  • ZsonicX


  • Cellovirtuoso
  • Johno-ed
  • T57346

External links

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