Curly's Boys is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

They're el diablos. They come in the night to keel us all. I have not slept for fuerty days.
A Mexican Soldier

About the posse

Curly done round us up, si? He been good to ol' Chachi, up until he heard about Cortez's gold. It done cursed us up bad, guy.

We at war with Mexico, esse. Curly even had us take El Presidio and rename it Fort Curly. Now we kill people who get too close. We got the Cursed Gold of Cortez holed up there, chico.


No compadres, esse.


Xbox 360


  • Curly - deceased


  • Xbox Live ID - Character name
  • notabomb - Chachi Biggs
  • GodSlayerSieg - Gringo Smalls
  • Pink Awesome - Baron Cortregard
  • friggenomics X - Jonathan Graves aka "Baby-Cat-Eyes"
  • Earthensteel - "Marshal"
  • Plateisgreat - "Ms." David Clerk
  • Murmillion Smut - Juan Vargas
  • Camoron Rule - Jim "Makes Silly with Horses" Horsetalker
  • Alien Orifice - Kurtis R. Harden

Joining the posse

This posse is currently closed

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