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DBH *Deadly BrotherHood* is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the xDBHx clan and who we are:

xDBHx GunFight is the leader of the *Deadly BrotherHood* clan.

We are a new clan and upcoming starplayers on xbox 360. Our profession is to play Red Dead Redemption online. We´re a team of very high skilled gamers. We busted and destroyed really much clans. For example: xMWOx, xTWKx...and so on. You better think twice before trying to face us. Our gaming experience is at minimum 3 years now.

How you might join xDBHx:

If you want to join the clan, just ask and add xDBHx GunFight to your friendlist. We will try you out for testing all your Red Dead Skills and we want to find out what kind of type you are. If we see you´re a playing diamond, you´re inn...If we see you´re just playing junk, you´re out! -It´s just that easy-

xDBHx Clan Members:

*The Leader*

  • xDBHx GunFight (only on xbox 360)

* The deadly brothers *

  • xDBHx KarateKid
  • xDBHx Bad Ryan
  • xDBHx Mad Henry
  • xDBHxElDestino
  • xDBHxBlackWidow

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