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A Dapper Dad looking sly.

Dapper Dads is a Red Dead Redemption posse.


Do you like to shoot things? Do you aspire to be a Dad or know a Dad? Are you dapper? Then join the Dapper Dads today. Established in 1910, the Dapper Dads have been the leading posse in attire choices and parenting for all of the Wickie Wickie Wild Wild West. Jim West. Desperado.


Contact a Dapper Dad with this codephrase: "Aw shucks, my infant son has spilt Sasparilla on my brand new slacks."


Dapper Leaders

Dapperest Dad - Joe Swan29
The Only Actual Dad - DJ Zevo

The Dapper Dads

Chief Dadputy San - ByroniousError
Dadtenant Dadmander - C4rpathi4
Chief Donkey Rustler - Regwan98
Father of Three - Sir Malta
Dadmomula - THE L0TUS
Dadtirvaal - NirTivAal
Dadlet - BergFu

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