Daveydave's Boatless Pirate Assassin's is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

Casually putting wastemans to the sword since 2011, Daveydave's Boatless Pirate Assassin's don't have a base but we normally hang around Armadillo or Blackwater on free roam and fight anybody, clan or posse that starts beef. We don't really care much for raiding forts and sucking dick like some of the bumting posses but that doesn't mean we stand around with our thumb up our arses tea-bagging corpes. Apart from the leaders there's no permanant member's but if things kick off and we are epically outnumbered we recruit like mad so a small take the mick fight soon turns into a massive war to the death!! (If your wondering who Daveydave is then he's the bigfoot flipping you off on the picture)

Joining the posse

There's no joining its invite only or if you really want to become a member then further info about joining is on the 'DaveyDave's Boatless Pirate Assassin's' recruitment forum, if your a retard that has an obsession with humping rocks or prefer to pick pritty flowers rather than fighting like a man then don't bother getting your hopes up that you will be accepted. (Xbox Live only)



  • Bad Buccaneer
  • ShortyShawy

(Warning: They spend most of the time fighting each other)

External links

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