The Dds7 Cattle Rustlers is a new posse created by the geniuses DandiestSeven 74 and DandiestSeven75. Dds74 was the finder of the posse he wanted to play with friends but only xxZOMBIEHUNNERxx wanted to join him so he joined the posse BUT as a sacrifise he needed to change his name in DandiestSeven 75 . He was the only person who needed to do that because he wanted to be DdS 74 Right hand. Now they roam almost everyday on the deserts and forests of The Wild Wild West.

The story isn't completed yet they have gained another member:dandiestseven76.The posse is open for other players just add Dandiestseven74 to your xbox live friend list and message him to join his posse.

Members:Dds74, Dds75, dds76

Activities:Hunting, Dueling, Roaming, Killing and Cleaning Pikes Basin

Camps:MacFarlanes Ranch, Cochinay, The Bear Cave, Chuparosa

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