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Dead Eye Duelists is a XBL Red Dead Redemption posse, and one of the 1st five clans found on this wikia


TSS The Sycho Society

About the posse

This posse was found by DarkDude117 on May 5th, 2010. Our posse will be about the free spirit of a Red Dead Redemption player, we will support you whether you are good, evil, or anything in between, we will also promote teamwork, and we will excell at the Dead Eye targeting system. We will go on clan hunts, have parties and more. For more information contact DarkDude117 via Xbox Live.

Joining the posse

Anybody can join our clan with only two requirement's, you must be good at the Dead Eye targeting system, the other requirement is a unique test we come up with for the player who wants to join, judgeing on what they do and how they act, but no worry's, there won't be any impossible test's. For more information contact DarkDude117 via Xbox Live.

Dead Eye Duelists Hierarchy

Big Boss - Leader of the Clan (DarkDude117)

The Boss - 2nd in command (TFWEBBO)

Underboss - Advisors and planners (OffPhoenix96, 2 people maximum, to pervent too much power issue's)

Duelist officer - Battalion leader (HeavyBludhunter)

Duelist - Essentially a made man up to this point (xXDMC29Xx)

Gunslinger - Respectful rank (no one now)

Bandit - Leads frontline troop's (no one now)

Prowler - Frontline troop's (no one now)

Footpad - An initiate (no one now)


1. Respect your fellow clansmen. This rule is self explanatory.

2. Only the leader, not even 2nd in command, make's decisions for the the clan such as new members. Although you could recommend things to the leader.

3. We love to fight(;



  • DarkDude117

Other members

  • OffPhoenix96
  • HeavyBludhunter
  • xXDMC29Xx

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