Deadly Legendz is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

this clan was made for experienced player we are one of the best clan around we dont run or rage quit we just kill every one in are way, but we not all that bad when your in the clan then the things we promise you are these: 1. if you want training or advice then one of us we be only to happy to help. 2. a friendly environment. 3. and a great time.

BUT WE DO HAVE RULES!!!!! 1. no bully another memeber male or female. 2. no killing another memeber for no reason. 3. no backstabbing.

Joining the posse

to join the posse you must be sent a message saying that we think you good online and that we would like you in the clan but first you need to prove your self that means ever being able the get a 6 kill row on us or if you are able to make one of us rage quit which lets face it will never happen :)



  • XzsprakyzX

Other members

  • Darkacez1
  • zSINST3Rz
  • etc.

External links

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