The Death Watch Clan is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

Death Watch Symbol

The Death Watch Claw

About the posse

We are a group of ruthless criminals who will eliminate all rivals with extreme prejudice and brutality our enemy's are: The Bollard Gang, Banditos and The Treasure Hunters, Reyes Rebels and Walton's.

We are a clan we help each other we watch each others backs and will fight to remain a small tightly night gang. Our Read Dead Redemption strongholds are in Cochinay, Solomon's Folly and our headquarters is in Torquemada.

To join Death Watch contact Coool31 on Xbox Live or on his talk page on Red Dead Wiki. This posse is on Xbox Live only.

Death is Watching!

Joining the posse

To join the posse there is only 3 criteria:

1) Your Multiplayer skin must be a criminal caracter (No Lawmen, Marshals or Military)

2) You must be a Team player but also capable in solo combat.

3) You must have at least level 10.







  • Gam3erboy2020 (Bo Schram)
  • BEWIGGED1999 (Unknown)
  • PoisonHunter2 (Unknown)


  • Death Watch Claw
  • Coool31 "Coool"
  • Snipes0700 "Snipes"
  • TGM247 "T"
  • ReeledFlipper27 "Flipper"
  • Gam3erboy2020 "Gamer"
  • UndulantChaff78 "Chaff"
  • Nobel 1894 "Nobel"
  • Fatal Akatsuki "Fatal"
  • MiTnO

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