XDoSx clan avatars june 2010

Delta ops squadron clan june 2010

Delta Ops Squadron is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

XDoSx halo 3 2009

Beggining days of the clan

About the posse

The Delta Ops Squadron is a large Xbox live friendly & competition based clan.You could find our members in many games such as Halo,RDR,GTA,MW2,PSU and more.

Joining the posse

Anyone looking to join this clan you can send xDoSx Travis(The Clan leader)a message on Xbox Live or on either one of our websites (


The Delta ops squadron often makes videos on different games. you can view these videos on our YouTube channel: Delta Ops Squadron Channel


  • xDoSx g man
  • xDoSx Bobotaro



  • xDoSx Travis
  • playr4lyf

will be updated when accurate stats are acquired.

External links

xDoSx websiteGeneral gaming/clan info.

Leaders ForumStrictly clan info and challenges.

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