Derp is a Red Dead Redemption posse.


About the posse

-Insert long, boring, overly dramatic attempt at sounding like a "cool", "badass" and/or "epic" posse written by 15 year-old boys and/or southern hicks with the collective intelligence of a kidney bean here-

Joining the posse

Eat a whole package of saltine crackers in under a minute. Or, destroy the pentagon with Mentos and Diet Coke. Send a message to [Xbox360 Gamertag] Hunter on Louis with the secret codeword that will arrive to you by mail within 2 - 6 weeks after completion of one [or both for extra credit] of the membership tasks. Throw away the code and leave immediately after opening and reading it, as it gives off a deadly gas seconds after the seal has been broken which melts the eyes and fries the sperm of anyone within a small set radius, so they may never see the code nor pass it on to their children. When this is done, you'll be a full participating member of Derp.

Our only rule is that you must always, always, beat up the fat mexican character with a sombrero when spotted. No exceptions. Failure to comply will result in suspension from the posse, death by nunchucks, or tickets to see "Cats" The Musical. Attending Cats is optional, as long as people see you with the tickets, that's punishment enough.

NOTE: Jesus is not responsible for the desctruction of the pentagon, the suicide or eye gouging of anyone attending "Cats", or the untimely death of any attempting the saltine super challenge. However, if you happen to succeed, you will be required to thank him for helping you through the ordeal and will hereby attain membership and/or forgiveness of your sins.



  • Hat Trickster
  • Jesus

Other members

Walt Disney's Head

The Voice Actor of Fred Flintstone

Betty White

Darth Vader




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