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About the posse

1. Respect other clan members

2. No casual

3. No panic Pistols

Joining the Clan

1.Contact one of the founders or DirtY-SqUirTer


Founder 1.DirtY-SuPrIsE

Founder 2.DiirtY- Lov3R

Founder 3.DirtY-MoUnTiEs


Leader 1. DirtY-SqUirTer

Leader 2.

Leader 3.

Other members

Member 1.DirtY-Turnon

Member 2.DirtY-FuP

Member 3.DirtY-LiNe

Member 4.DirtY-

Member 5.DirtY-

Member 6.DirtY-

Member 7.DirtY-

Member 8.DirtY-

Member 9.DirtY-

Member 10.DirtY-

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