Dutch's Gang

About the posse

In Dutch's Gang we focus on having fun and killing anyone who stand's against us. We get together and go on hunts sometime for people we all have different views on fun and try to do as much as possible. The generals of the clan play as bill williamson john marston and abigail marston and the leader plays as dutch we stick to the old ways of the west and dont lisen to the law and we will attack any people who try and uphold the law.(no one else may play as dutch john marston bill williamson or abigail marston)

Joining the posse

If you want to join the posse you can ask any member of the clan for a invite to the clan they will infrom me that you have joined and you will be taken under a generals wing and told what we do. also if a general see's a good player in a game they will be asked to join. when you join you will be able to do what ever you want in the clan but if you are being out of order you will be kicked out of the clan. we also take part in clan battles we are at war with clans and we also will need people to get into the army to figth them.



  • Leader 1 Alfflame
  • co-leader lKATmyNEWslacKs
  • Lieutenant general quicktriggertom

general 1 brandon k dyc general 2 XxELITE BULLxX general 3 Mental pudge

Other members

  • Addyaddstar/Madlittleracer/skiier93/VBD iSKiiLLz/YxINFERNOxY/Andy Luvv/bartmanrah/brandan k dyc/DragonfireID/EPN x Otter x/Fallout Jackel/foxjaw/gears of jord/geosparkz/II JO5H II/iToxiKzZ x/Jambo Jones/JonesyAPJ/killakurt91/lucasjpruce/NastyNas35/Outlawz Trigger/pantboy/redhighlander92/renegade Ed01/seanofthedead94/SHARKYBBZ/slipknotlad/Tankanat0r/TK Matrix/UndatedSpace/x TH3 ZOMBIE x/xXReDwizZardXx/wezheavyhitter/prebuiltsauce6/DOG 5OLDIER5XxELITE BOARxX/RusticRobby

Allies xUGNx Walton's gang Big cheese's/TMB/PSM/&nbsp

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