Dutch's Gang(PSN) is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

We play on the ps3, we like to play zombies, gang matches, ffa's, clan wars, and any type of free roams.

Joining the posse

You have to be a member of dutchs gang, NO MAIN CHARACTERS! We will make you do fort mercer by yourself and watch you for a few days to see if your being a character in the Dutchs gang catergory. Only the 4 leaders are dutch, john, bill, and javier. Also two members are being abigail and jack because abigail rode in the gang and jack is pursuing the family buisness.


Boss:Yeslek1 Lieutenant:ALL_DAY21-28, Carlos_The_3, AADefender Veteran Outlaw:Dawson1272000, Grizzlybaird410, epicsoldier25, coolluke, CedrikJay Major Outlaw:The13_Assasian, D7dominator8b, Bear0730, wazshow, king240 Minor Outlaw:Backstabber313 Spies:Confederate, Confederate, Confederate

Allies:Brotherhood Of justice

Enemies:Who_dat_outlaw american army, Tmoneys american army mexican army and crawler zombies

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