about the posse

we spend are time robbing banks,holding people ransom, or just plain old killing people.We mostly are outlaws but we will often do the laws dirty work killing players that are a menace to the law when your most wanted we'll we be after you.We spend are time in blackwater,Armadillo,or chuparosa terrorizing the peasents and wasting the law.We look out for eachother so you want to fight one of us youll be fighting all of us.We are the best and we know how to handle a gun.And no one wi
Rdr marston's old gang
ll stand in are way of becoming the badess outlaws in the west.

joining posse

you cant join this posse unless we need another player. and you must kill a lvl 50 dont care what prestige if you can kill the highest lvl you will be treated as one of us.But if you dare turn on us. you will have to find out for yourself.


Doxcar-Dutch van der linde

Gang members

Ron-Hemming-Bill Williamson

Ferruccio23-John Marston

Vegastroll-Javier Escuilla

hiddenone2000-Abigail Marston

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