About the posse

Our posse is on PSN. We are acheivers mostly. We try to get everything unlocked on the game, but we also like to just mess around and have fun. Our base of operations is at Fort Mercer. We like to have legends but level 35 and over is ok.

Joining the posse

To join the posse you must have all 4 dlc packs, and be at least a level 35. If you are wanting to join please contact me, EPiXxNiNJABULLz. You must also pass the ignitiation process which will not be easy, but will be possible.




Other members

  • tylergrahamcolts(LEGEND 2)
  • EPiXxNiNJAPANDAz(level 36)
  • ZombieBunnyCow (LEGEND 1)
  • jgrocs (level 42)
  • cory_22_killer (LEGEND 1)
  • thebrushh (LEGEND 1)
  • zomgwhy (LEGEND 5)
  • rdrmafia (LEGEND 5)
  • chaos___01432 (LEGEND 2)
  • darkmike1009 (level 21)
  • B3NTLEE__4LIF3 (level 41)
  • .......POSSIBLY YOU?

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