We are the Confederate States Of America
                                       President:xXL0ST sObSXx Elected 3/30/13
                                                 Capitol: Blackwater
                                              States Owned by the confederacy
                                                     McFARLANDS RANCH

                                                The MAIN CONFEDERATE ARMY

                                                        OFFICER RANKS
                                                     General Flag Officer	
                                                         (all grades)	
                                                         (all grades)
                                                      Lieutenant General
                                                         Major General
                                                       Brigadier General
                                                        Colonel Captain	
                                                 Lieutenant Colonel Commander		
                                                        Major	Lieutenant		
                                                          Captain Master		
                                                 First Lieutenant Passed Midshipman		
                                                     Second Lieutenant	Midshipman <-- STARTS		

                                                     Enlisted Rank Structure
                                      Sergeant Major	Quartermaster Sergeant Ordnance Sergeant First Sergeant
                                               Sergeant	Corporal	Private first class	Private <-- STARTS

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