El Movimiento de Pedric is a Red Dead Redemption posse. Please note that there are a few other pages with the same name as this. These were failed attempts to make the page, and this is the real page.

About the posse

The name of this posse roughly translates as "Pedric's Movement" in English. We are a clan who like to roleplay sometimes and we have a backstory. In the Red Dead timeline we were once Mexican soldiers under Coronel Allende who tried to depose him. Unfortunately, the coup failed and the soldiers were exiled with their leader, Pedric. After the rebels took over, this group rose up once more and are now trying to take over. Apart from roleplaying being tyrants, we enjoy doing gang hideouts, hunting and other funt activities.

Joining the posse

Send a message to Pedric99 or Saberstaff95 on Xbox Live.

Rank Explanations

The General: The leader with ultimate authority.

The Colonel: Second in command.

The Captains: Enforcers of the General's will and leaders of the army.

Sergeants: Look over their jurisdictions.

Soldiers: The bulk of the movement.



  • The General: Pedric (Pedric99)
  • The Colonel: Pedro Leonardo (saberstaff95)


  • Captain 1: (TeddyEdd)
  • Captain 2: (Sampeukert)
  • Captain 3:


  • Sergeant of Escalera and Surrounding Area:
  • Sergeant of Frontera Bridge and Surrounding Area:
  • Sergeant of Chuparose and Surrounding Area:
  • Sergeant of Las Hermanas and Surrounding Area:
  • Sergeant of Casa Madruagad and Surrounding Area:
  • Sergeant of Torquemada and Surrounding Area:

(Basically each Sergeant is in charge of half of each separate area in Mexico.)


None as of yet.

Our Territories

The posse basically enforces its will in all areas of Mexico in the game.

External links

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