Eranian Family and Guard is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the Family and Guard

We are the surviors of the lost planet Erania. We don't take shit from no one. We put down betrayers, noobs, and people who annoy us. Do NOT cross us or you will pay.

Joining the Guard

If you wish to becme a member of the Guard, then you must prove to me, Ikos Du V'harr, that you are worthy. Either look for me on Halo: Reach or Red Dead Redemption. My XBL gamertag is: Ikos Du Vharr.

Guard Jobs

  • Captain of the Guard: report any nonsense to any of the family so punishment can be taken care of, keep members of the Guard in check.
  • All Guards are to help in the putting down of NOOBS, who think it's fun to annoy people.
  • Work together to complete gang hideouts.


  • Do NOT betray posse members.
  • Do NOT bad-mouth posse leaders. We WILL kill you.
  • Do NOT act like snobs or assholes.
  • Do what the leaders tell you to do.
  • Do NOT make cracks about us.
  • Listen to what the posse leaders have to say.
  • Do NOT kill mounts without permission first.
  • NO private messages, UNLESS they are to me about joining the posse.
  • Leaders reserve the right to punish members of the posse as they see fit.
  • During triple XP, ALL posse members MUST play Red Dead.

Skills and DLCs

  • We ask that you are skilled with the various weapons and recommend you have all the DLC packs, although they are not required, we HIGHLY recommend them.

DLC packs we recommend

  • Undead Nightmare.
  • Liar's and Cheat's.
  • Legends and Killers.
  • Myths and Mavericks.


  • Ikos Du V'harr (me): max Legend.
  • Keora V'harr: Legend 1 lvl 39
  • Luke V'harr: Legend 1 lvl 31
  • xX Reckon Xx: Legend 2 lvl 29
  • BulletReaper217: lvl 3



  • Leader 1: Ikos Du V'harr
  • Leader 2: Keora V'harr
  • Leader 3: Luke V'harr

Royal Guard

  • Captain of the Guard: xX Reckon Xx
  • Guard-LT : BulletReaper217
  • Guard 3:
  • Guard 4:
  • Guard 5:
  • Guard 6:
  • Guard 7:

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