Mr. Freezy likes the cold.

The xFR33ZEx Clan

We are one of many modder clans on RDR. Unlike the rest, we have run off the other modders, which earned us the top spot in the game. We have shown our strength for 6 years on this game with force, and won't stop doing so until every last enemy is destroyed. XxWESTxX, GLITCHED, xFR33VAx, XxCOLTxX, BH, and KsQs have suffered from our reign, back off and you won't share their fate. Those are the main modder clans that have tried to oppose us, but it didn't work out so well for them.

Want to be apart of the most feared posse on this game ? Message xMist3RxFR33ZEx, R3P0RTxM3FR33ZE, or xC4RB0NxFR33ZEx for entry, you must have either ISO mods or an RGH. Name changes are required, and respect + loyalty is all we ask.

The Posse


  • Leader 1 - xMist3RxFR33ZEx
  • Leader 2 - R3P0RTxM3FR33ZE


  • Member 1 - xANGRYxFR33ZEx
  • Member 2 - HARDx2xFR33ZE
  • Member 3 - xFR33ZExFR33VAx
  • Member 4 - xOH NOxFR33ZEx
  • Member 5 - xH4RDxFR33ZEx
  • Member 6 - xC4RB0NxFR33ZEx
  • Member 7 - xDR3AMxFR33ZEx
  • Member 8 - xN4STYxFR33ZEx
  • Member 9 - xR4P1DxFR33ZEx
  • Member 10 - xFR33ZExUxOUTx
  • Member 11 - xDARKxFR33ZEx

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