I am a killer, Fear me.

I am a killer; Honor me.

About the posse

The Faceless Assassins are an Xbox 360 based Posse who just play for fun, whilst at the same time being competitive. We don't start fights with people, unless there is a good reason to. If someone shoots at us, we're all going to fire right back. We play as a team which is obviously essential for a Posse to play like.

Joining the posse

To join the Posse you should visit the Red Dead forums which you'll simply require to just fill in an application, and wait for a reply. Remember if you post an application on another Posse's thread, you should decide on where you really want to be beforehand.


Assassin Leader

Jonuhfun - Jon

Right Hand Man

Zabriskie Point - Derek

Left Hand Man


HeartOfFiire - Tyler

halomike917 - Mike

xxKASTLExx - Richard

Hired Guns

Revalth - Stuart

Elo125 - Jonathan

CWeBB 12 - Chad

usrhlp - Dean

ryan13th95 - Ryan

toyotamr4red - Kevin

Kuggar - Doug

bluedragonjared - Jared

biscuitbadger - Patrick

Freelance7 - Andrew


Se7enty Dozen - Matt

dreamvision602 - Daniel

External links

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