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Fatoush's Gang with Hummus is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

Our Posse consists of three guys. We like the game. One's avatar is a Mexican, the other's a lawman, and the last a Native American. We rock at gang hideouts. We have done every single gang hideout in the game.

We also have experience in hunting. We have been to Tanner's Reach[[1]], and fought many waves of cougars.

Joining the posse

If you want to join the posse, complete the rite of passage of sending us a message about how much you love going to 7-11.


- AKH2000: Nowadays uses a Rolling Block Rifle to cover posse members from afar, while they storm the base.

- FG42Beast: Charges with a High Power Pistol .

- MwC PsyCHO: Charges in with whatever he's got. And doesn't die.


  • MwC PsyCHO (because he's had the game for the longest)

Other members

  • AKH2000: Native American, Level 22
  • FG42Beast: Misc. Mexican, Level 17
  • MwC PsyCHO: Lawman, Level 13

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