FBI Badge

Federal Bureau of Investigation is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the Bureau

The FBI is a Federal law enforcement agency established in Blackwater U.S.A. We bring order and governance to the last chaotic regions of the west. We will Bring criminals to justice any way we can be it in hand cuffs or by the end of a gun. and will lynch all who oppose the law of the United States of America.

Joining the Bureau

To join the Bureau you must be a level 35 or higher, have a character picked out from the lawman section of the outfitter, have the title Marshal Deputized, or no title. bulls buffalo or donkeys are not allowed in the Bureau only horses. If you have met all the qualifications contact Ron-Hemming on playstation network

Bureau Members

Federal Agents

  • Ron-Hemming
  • chuckycartel
  • MSKM07

Federal Marshals

  • AllHailPopTarts
  • doxcar
  • ferruccio


  • XxDeathKill45xX
  • Papenko


  • AngelOfCourage
  • VegasTroll


  • armstyle

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