Forgotten Defenders is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

The Forgotten Defenders. We fight to Stay Alive in the Land of opportunity of XBL. We kill people that cross us. Hell, we kill anyone we don't like. We started when one of our Co-Leaders, Mcfree007 had enough of campers in Armadillo and other towns, and started to do something about it. We killed everyone in that town. We don't regret it. The Forgotten Defenders, Co-Lead by Mcfree007, and KingXOfXRandom, like to explore the Dying Wild West, Hunt in the northern areas, destroy rival Gangs, and Defend What has been forgotten in the Wild West.


Want to join? Contact mcfree007 on XBL. We'll see if your ready.


Want to Fight the FD? Contact mcfree007 on XBL. We'll set up a match.



  • mcfree007
  • KingXofXRandom

Other members

  • HalfPastAPinky
  • xxDeViLK1LLERxx
  • Kiuas Ukko

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