Fort Takers & Heart Breakers is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

Welcome to FT&HB. We are based out of El Presidio and fight clans wars there. The Wreck of Sepredity is our second hideout, and Mescalero is our third. We just have fun and help each other do hunting challenges and Outlaw stuff.

Joining the posse

This is a PSN posse that is just getting started up, so you need to add Henderson42 if you want to be a permenant member. We have an initiation where you have to stay at El Presidio by yourself and get a $2,000 bounty (which really doesn't matter. We'll still let you in if your courteous.)



  • Henderson42
  • killgore87
  • littlejoker55

Other members

  • jbird57

External links

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