Fourty-Niners is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

Casual PS3 Posse, All members have the tag 'Fourty-Niner' (unlocked around level 17)

We usually spend our time doing:

  • Gang Hideouts
  • Casual Gametypes
  • Challenges
  • Annoying the Law
  • Killing each other

We dont play at any specific time, but we usually play after 6pm GMT untill late

Joining the posse

Visit the posse website, register, and post onto the forum.


  • Steepo_Man
  • Wrighty_27
  • Ross-_-Man


  • Steepo_Man
  • Wrighty_27
  • Ross-_-Man

Other members

None Yet

External links (site still under construction)

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